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I appreciate that you have taken the time to get to know about me. I am Taewon Kim (she/her/hers).

 I am an assistant professor in the Counseling Psychology program. I originally came from South Korea. I completed my predoctoral clinical internship at the Colorado State University Health Network and received my PhD degree at the University of Houston.

My main research focus is economic marginalization, encompassing constructs, such as suboptimal work (e.g., underemployment, work precarity), poverty, social class, social class capital, social mobility, and classism. This includes (a) investigating how structural and intersectional forces (e.g., economic, racial, and linguistic marginalization) unfairly distribute social class capital and other resources to access work opportunities, (b) advancing the literature on the conceptualization and measurement of subjective social mobility and social class, and (c) examining how economic marginalization and suboptimal work relate to mental health and well-being. A smaller area of my research is to develop non-US-based therapy and supervision models to support clients and international clinicians’ clinical work.

My website provides both English and Korean explanations. Please click on the language icon as you prefer.​

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about applying for a counseling psychology doctoral program as an international student or if you want to collaborate with me!

I am accepting new doctoral students for Fall 2025.


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When I am not working...

I can be found at art galleries, coffeeshops, and bakeries! I also love being around water, painting, doing yoga, and dancing (e.g., contemporary ballet and jazz dance) :)

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